Monday, 5 November 2012

An ode to Lakeland Plastics

Before regular cooking commences tomorrow, I HAVE to let you know that, last week in the UK, I was finally able - after a far too long exile - to pray at the altar of Lakeland Plastics again!! For the uninitiated, Lakeland ( is "the home of creative kitchenware" where one can find the latest and most useful utensils, gadgets and appliances: stepping into one of their stores is like entering an Aladdin's Cave of "shiny things" that one didn't even know existed - but simply has to have NOW! So here's my haul:

  • 3 clip-shut storage boxes (buy 2 get 1 free)
  • 25 sealing clips (I use those for EVERYTHING)
  • oven gloves made from Kevlar (SO brilliant - my old ones lasted 10 years)
  • miniature whisk (free with the 3 storage boxes)
  • 15cm paring knife (can't have too many knives!)
  • OXO 500ml angled measuring jug (I also have the small 60ml one)
  • fizz keeper for "pop bottles" (this one is really for me - not the kids)
  • julienne peeler (perfect for my Japanese/Asian salads and/or decorations - AND only £2.99)
  • stopper for champagne/Sekt/sparkly (REALLY works - even for a few days)
  • fruit&veg fridge cushion - no more "moulding" (fingers crossed on that one...)
  • microwave saucepan - WITH integrated strainer!
  • OXO flexible omelette/pancake turner - perfect action
  • 10 4cm high stackable boxes (simply the best - I "lost" my last one recently)

What I forgot to buy:

  • non-slip silicone pastry mat (62x42cm) - perfect for kneading and rolling dough/pastry (I inherited my old one from my mother, but after 40 years of use it is sadly no longer in top condition)

But here are some items that I DIDN'T buy:

  • The "Bag Master": a contraption for "filling freezer bags easily" £6.99 (I'll just pop them in a high jug as before...)
  • The "Banana Guard: no more bruising!" £5.49 (I thought they already came in a "peely guard"??)
  • Electric Plate Warmer £34.99 (my husbands covets this one, I don't - sorry!)

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