Friday, 12 October 2012

My "love affair" with Lidl continues...

Bargain of the week here in Brussels-Schaerbeek goes to: Lidl! *drum roll* They're selling "Label Rouge" chicken at €4.99/kg (roughly 1/2 price of other supermarkets) - I would have bought the lot if I had the space in my freezer. AND they're starting foie gras early this year - again at an absolute steal (the cheapest comes in at €2.49 for 80g) - we'll just have to "go on go on go on go on" eating it at that price I'm afraid! But I'm MOST excited about their latest addition to the freezer cabinet: authentic thin Turkish lamb pizzas (Halal) - 3 x 150g for €3.09 (I used to be able to buy them in the Turkish supermarkets around here - but they stopped doing them) - can't wait to serve them tomorrow at my son's birthday party!

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